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Layout update [16 Aug 2001|12:23pm]

The layout is done,
looks great.

but there is a difference between looking great and functioning.

blogger will show up only on the main page, it is nicely integrated into the design.

links will go up for member pages, rc5 team, other projects on amishmafia.net

the guy from textfiles.com never wrote back-- or maybe he did. we had some down time because I boo boo'd. maybe I missed the e-mail.

layout will be posted shortly
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[16 Aug 2001|10:23am]

[ mood | working ]

the deal?

i am a slacker.

in the next week -before school goes back-

* amishmafia will have a new layout

* i will clean up blogger to look all nice

* there may be a couple new member-type-people
so I'm not the only one posting and all that

* my webpage will be up [*crosses fingers*]

* proud commie bastard webring will be set up!

* sign up for george's penguin army

and save the world before bedtime.

I also fixed the lj community stuff.
perhaps someday in the near future this misadventure will take off ;)

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Updates [30 Jun 2001|12:41am]
[ mood | asleep ]

[starving hot restless]

Of course, because I set up my own domain and was working on getting everything there straightened out, I am now working on two new commercial websites. Yep, perfect timing.

I set up the amish mafia team page on distributed.net, I forwarded all 'important' messages, everything is in /rc-5

I am also putting together a page for the team
[okay, so I stooped to bribery, lying and other good stuff] We want moo! er, you! If you are on our team and one of us wins everyone gets a case of Jolt and copy of unix distribution of choice.


Uhh. What's my name again?...

*grumble* *falls over*

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